Zyph Face Reveal Age, Real Name, Girlfriend And Net Worth

Zyph's face revealed: all about his Wikipedia and his age

Dylan, popularly known as Zyph, is a professional YouTuber and a professional twitch star. Did you know his age and net worth?

Zyph is a professional Youtube content creator whose content revolves around gaming.

Besides posting videos a few times a week, Zyph also goes online. Diffusion to interact with viewers at the same time.

As Zyph is famous in his industry, there is a lot of basic information that you would like to know. Let’s find out.

Fast facts:

Last name Zyph
Birthday October 3, 1998
Age 22 years old
Gender Man
Nationality American
Profession Twitch Star, YouTuber
Net value $ 44,000
Married Single Meet
Instagram @zyphalopagus
TIC Tac @zyphalopagus
Twitter @Zyphalopagus
Youtube Zyph

When did Zyph reveal his face to the public?

Zyph’s face was revealed to the public when he reached 1,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel.

It’s been five years since Zyph revealed his face and watching his journey is amazing. In five years, Zyph has managed to reach 255,000 subscribers, which is a huge achievement.

How old is Zyph?

Zyph’s age is 22 as of April 2021.

He was born on October 3, 1998 in the United States. Currently, Zyph lives in Texas.

Zyph real name and girlfriend

Zyph’s real name is Dylan.

Regardless of having such a beautiful name, he launched his YouTube channel as Zyphalogous in 2014. It just means a pathetic insult that relates to the content he downloads.

However, four years later he changed the name of his channel to Zyph and is now known around the world by that name.

Its main goal behind the name change was to download more content than Minecraft.

According to the reliable source, Zyph’s girlfriend is a former Sam vignette artist also known as Inky.

But, it is not sure that they are still seeing each other.

What is Zyph’s net worth in 2021?

According to StatsmashZyph’s net worth in 2021 is $ 44,000.

As a well-developed YouTuber for the past seven years, net worth is enough. Zyph still has a long way to go; therefore, we would expect it to multiply its value by several times five years later.

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