Zombie Land Saga Revenge Episode 2: Release Date & Watch Online

Her boss asks Ai to come and drive them, singing a company hymn. She stepped forward and began to sing with the elders. Later, she returned home and met her friend. Junko, Lily, Saki, Sakura and Tae welcome Ai. She sits down with other zombies and watches the same show they’ve been watching since the morning. When they are enjoying dinner, Sakura comments that she is happy that no one has found them to be zombies.

But in the afternoon, other employees of Ai’s company notice his eyes. They thought she was sick and needed to see the doctor. Junko comments that they have been working for months and no one suspects them. The zombie dog continues to eat craps while the zombie girls are chatting. Junko told Sakura that she was worried about something. Sakura replies that she will be careful. Zombie girls don’t use their real names at work, and Ai is known as Tatsumi.

Previously on Zombie Land Saga Revenge Episode 1

Tae comments that Yugiri needs to be more careful since she has a service job. Yugiri is not there; she works late at the bar serving alcohol. Tae comments that they have to keep training and that they will eventually get out of debt. Franchouchou’s daughters put on a big show in the last winter of the Heisei era. There were only 500 audience members in Arpino.

After that, their profile exploded like a balloon, and their first CD sold like hot cakes. They continue to perform several times a month, and on their next show they managed to sell 500 tickets for the 30,000-person venue. The escort rate was 1.66%, and they ended up with huge debt. The press has spread the news that the Franchouchou is collapsing at the EFS. The director felt like he was in hell and the idols have to pay the debt they owe.

Franchouchou Fall

They started to work hard daily to pay off the debt on time. The girls decided not to give up even though they had a huge debt. They give themselves the assurance that one day they will come back on stage. Once they have paid their debt, everything will return to normal and Franchouchou will recover. They all have jobs to pay off their debt and become winning idols. Sakura can’t stop thinking about this problem because she feels like it’s taking them too long to settle the debt.

Zombie Land Saga's Revenge

Zombie Land Saga’s Revenge

She worries alone in the middle of the night, but she hopes that one day they can manage to do it. Sakura has decided that she won’t give up since she has the support of other zombie girls. She realizes that their producer Kataro has been touched by the fall of Franchouchou. Katora began to use drugs and drink to get over the stress.

He also doesn’t do a good business and sometimes doesn’t pay the bills. The citizens are surprised by Katora’s behavior as they consider him to be one of the biggest producers. Katoro has become like a wandering street kid who has no meaning in his life. Some people think he’s crazy because he’s always high. Some of the things he says make him sound like a fool. In the evening, Kaotarao created chaos inside the bar. But they just watched him since they know him well.

He continues to snort drugs and drink too much alcohol. But the other part of him feels he will get Franchouchou back. In the morning, the zombie girls went to work. Lilly delivers milk to the village elders to get some more money. Old people love her because she’s quick when they want her to help them. She delivers milk and newspapers on time.

Zombie Land Saga Revenge Episode 2 Release Date & Preview

Zombie Land Saga Revenge Episode 2 will be released on Thursday, April 15, 2021 at 11:30 p.m. JST. You can watch Zombie Land Saga Revenge on AnimeLab, Crunchyroll, and Funimation.

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