Wife Age, What Happened To Him Now?

Who is Herman Knippenberg from the Netflix snake?  Everything about his Wikipedia and his biography

The famous Netflix show The Serpent is based on the true story of Dutch diplomat Herman Knippenberg. To explore its Wikipedia details, continue below.

Herman Knippenberg is a Dutch diplomat who helped solve the case of a French serial killer named Charles Sobhraj. Charles is an infamous killer who murdered at least a dozen people.

Herman was recently all the rage due to the Netflix show The Serpent, which blankets a fictitious version of the case.

Knippenberg is described as a special agent, who carries guns, weapons and, because of his ego, wanted to find and capture serial killer Charles. However, nothing like this actually happened.

Fast facts:

Last name Herman Knippenberg
Age 76
Gender Man
Nationality Dutch
Profession Diplomat
Married Single Married
Wife Vanessa
Divorced Angela Kane

Wikipedia by Herman Knippenberg

Herman Knippenberg is not on Wikipedia. But, there are few sources that provide information about him that made his character a staple of the whole affair.

Herman was an ordinary diplomat who launched the international investigation into the murders committed by serial killer Charles Sobhraj.

He played a huge role in Charles’ arrest and is considered a great personality for what he did.

Herman Knippenberg Age

Herman Knippenberg’s age is now 76 years old. However, his exact date of birth and age have not yet been revealed.

Based on her appearances in public interactions, her age appears to be within the given range.

Wife of Herman Knippenberg

Herman Knippenberg has been married twice.

His first wife was Angela Kane, whom he married a long time ago.

Eventually, they divorced, but Herman later married his second wife Vanessa.

What happened to Herman Knippenberg now?

From now, Herman Knippenberg lives with his wife Vanessa in New Zealand. He is now retired and lives freely in Wellington.

As he said in the Loose Women interview, he mostly forgot about the cases. But, every now and then, there are things that remind her of the infamous serial killer Charles.

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