Who is Pete Davidson Dating in 2021?

We all know who Pete Davidson is, right? Yep, he’s the guy on SNL (Saturday Night Live). Pete Davidson is a comedian, actor, producer and writer. He played Scott in the movie “The King of Staten Island” released in 2020, and fans are very excited to see him in the upcoming Suicide Squad movie, which will further explore the adventures of Harley Quinn. To find out who Pete Davison is dating and who he’s dated, keep reading.

Pete Davidson tops the charts in the dating department. His former girlfriends include some of the most beloved celebrities, including the one and only Ariana Grande.

The secret of why he won hearts was revealed by Pete in a interview he did with Paper Magazine. Pete said, “in a relationship; you have to make the other person feel as special as possible ”, also adding that he treats any girls he’s like a“ princess ”with.

Let’s see which lucky girl Pete Davidson is dating.

Pheobe Dynevor

Pheobe Dynevor and Pete Davidson Credits: AND

Our sweetheart from the Bridgerton series, Pheobe Dynevor, is reportedly dating Pete Davidson. The rumors began after being spotted together near Dynevor on several occasions in Altrincham, North London and Great Manchester.

Pheobe and Pete met in New York and spent time in London. According to reports, their relationship is still strong even after being unable to see each other in person. Fans are hopeful that Pete finds his princess charming in Lady Daphne Bridgerton.

Ariana Grande

Ariana and Pete Credits: Getty Images

WHOO! This relationship has been a whirlwind for sure. Ariana and Pete met at the Grammys afterparty in May 2018 and got engaged soon after, like very soon after, in the 24 days after people started to suspect they were dating. Another fact about this relationship that intrigued the interests of the world was that Pete and Ariana had split up with their longtime partners just weeks before they reunited.

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson broke off their engagement just after five months. The main reason for the breakup, as Pete put it, was the death of Ariana’s longtime ex-boyfriend from a drug overdose. Pete said that as soon as the news of Mac Millers’ death became known, he knew his relationship was almost over.

Their relationship can in no way be undermined by a “ rebound relationship ” as the couple, even after their breakup has spoken of their time together as magical. Ariana also released a song in October 2018 called “Pete Davidson” which had the most romantic lyrics. Pete had Ariana AG’s initials tattooed on himself, but it wasn’t the only tattoo he got as a tribute to Ms. Grande; he even got Ariana’s bunny ears tattooed behind his ears.

David Cazzy

Cazzy David Credits: Getty Images

One of the longest relationships Pete has had was the daughter of famous actor Larry David, Cazzy David. Pete and Cazzy started dating in 2016 and lasted two and a half years. During their time together, Pete often said he was “very lucky” to have found a girl like Cazzy. Cazzy David supported Pete on his journey to sobriety.

Even after spending such a milestone together, the couple broke up in May 2018. According to Cazzie, Pete broke their 2.5-year relationship through text after finding out he was dating the pop sensation. Ariana Grande via Instagram. Pete denies these claims and says they had been on hiatus for a year because Cazzy was having his own issues.

In his book, No One Asked for this: Essays, released on November 17, 2020, Cazzy has an essay devoted to their breakup. The essay describes in detail how painful it was to watch your recent ex grow so fast. It was especially painful to watch the ink he’d gotten for her covered up and get a new one dedicated to Ariana Grande.

Despite all the drama, everything is fine between Pete and Cazzy. Pete wishes her the best, and Cazzy said in her essay that she “loves his bravery”.

These are some of Pete Davidson’s most significant relationships. After Ariana Grande, Pete has had multiple adventures with the hottest stars in Hollywood. Her many adventures include Kaia Gerber, Margaret Qualley, and Kate Beckinsale. We hope Pete Davidson finds his long-awaited charming princess soon.

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