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Moses Christensen Wiki

Biography of Moses Christensen

Moses Christensen is a former Royal Navy who considered joining ISIS before brutally murdering a complete stranger “just to kill someone.” He is said to have wandered the countryside looking for people to kill after arming himself with combat knives on August 13 last year.

The twisted killer randomly attacked Richard Hall, 70, when his paths crossed, ramming a serrated knife into his neck, face and neck. He then called the police to confess how he had committed a “very savage, animal and brutal” murder near the top of Brown Clee Hill in Shropshire.

How old is Moses Christensen?

Moses Christensen, of Oldswinford, Stourbridge, West Midlands, is 22 in 2021.

Moses Christensen Stourbridge

A court heard how he told police he was overwhelmed by a “strong desire” to kill the pensioner after he planned a series of murders. Christensen has denied the murder, but was convicted last month after a trial at Stafford Crown Court.

Today, he has been jailed for life to serve at least 28 years, as well as 28 months for concurrently running for possession of a knife.

During sentencing, Judge Pepperall told Christensen that he showed him his victim “without mercy” and called the attack “the brutal and utterly senseless murder of an innocent stranger who never caused him no offense ”.

Moses Christensen test

The court heard that Christensen had become obsessed with violent video games like Grand Theft Auto and considered joining ISIS before committing the assassination.

Jurors also learned how he intended to embark on a murder spree and that he had been planning a massacre for several months. He bought two deadly blades on the internet and had previously used one to kill sheep for food while living in the countryside.

But his worried parents contacted the police when he started talking about his desire to kill and get revenge on his former teachers and his children.

Murders of Moses Christensen

When officers found Christensen, they told the court he committed the murder after searching the area for people to kill. Christensen admitted: “I want to stress, first of all, that this murder was not just an explosion of emotion. It was not spontaneous, he had planned to kill people. “

Richard hall

“The attack was and I quote“ very savage, animalistic and very brutal ”. At the end of the attack, he stabbed him one last time to make sure he was dead.

West Mercia Chief Inspector of Police Mark Bellamy later said: “I am pleased that a meaningful sentence has been handed down against Moses Christensen for the brutal murder of Richard Hall.

“Christensen is a dangerous individual who will now serve a heavy sentence in prison where he can no longer harm the general public.

“Richard Hall’s family was naturally broken up, Richard was just taking a walk on Brown Clee Hill when he tragically died in a senseless attack, and my thoughts and condolences remain with them.

Mr. Hall’s family, who lived in Perton, Staffs., Once posted an emotional tribute to a “brilliant man when they called their killer” pure evil. “

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