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Mothers have been arrested at the airport for refusing to self-quarantine after traveling to Dubai for plastic surgery.

Kristie McGrath, 30, and Niamh Mulreany, 25, were arrested yesterday at Dubai airport and charged last night after the trip.

Kirstie McGrath and Niamh Mulreany were held on bail consent, after refusing to enter the hotel’s mandatory quarantine.

Both single mothers, her lawyer says they will challenge the constitutionality of the law.

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– Rob O’Hanrahan (@RobOHanrahan) April 3, 2021

It was his second visit to the Middle East in a matter of weeks.

How old is Kristie McGrath?

She is 30 years old.

Mulreany, mother of one, and McGrath, mother of two, both from Dublin, had been treated at King’s College Hospital in Dubai, the Irish Mirror reported.

The couple reportedly checked their airline’s travel policies last week before leaving the UK and reportedly underwent negative PCR tests before attempting to return home.

However, they were arrested at Dubai Airport and said they would only be able to board the return flight if they paid the hotel’s quarantine fee of € 1,850 upon arrival in Dublin.

The women said they ran out of money and therefore could not get on a plane.

They reportedly spent the next two days wandering the airport and the surrounding streets without going anywhere.

Meanwhile, Mulreany’s father Eddie Freeman attempted to contact the Foreign Office, as well as various embassies and politicians.

“You are very upset. My daughter followed all the travel rules. She was treated and treated in an extraordinary way, ”said Freeman.

“It took them two days to get them on another flight. Independent consultant Christy Burke contacted Secretary of State Simon Coveney and between them, after working hours, they managed to clear an exemption form so they could catch a flight on Thursday night as they both had children dependent.

“When they arrived in Dublin around noon on Friday, they were again told to self-quarantine, but the girls refused to sign the documents. He is now being held at Ballymun Garda station. It’s a terrible situation to be in a situation, ”he said.

An Irish police spokesperson said the two women were arrested for breaking health law after raping the Gardai.

“The two women have since been charged,” he said.

The friends were due to appear in criminal court today.

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