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Biography of Dr Robert Lesslie

Dr Robert Lesslie and his wife Barbara, along with his two grandchildren, were among five people killed in a shooting in Rock Hill, South Carolina. The suspect was identified as Phillip Adams, a former NFL player, and was with the Seahawks, 49ers, Raiders and Jets. He committed suicide after the despicable act at a South Carolina home, according to the Associated Press. Adams died by suicide.

Dr Robert Lesslie, 70, his wife Barbara Lesslie, 69, two of his grandchildren, Adah Lesslie, 9 and Noah Lesslie, 5, were killed in the shooting, according to the county sheriff’s office. from York. A fifth victim, James Lewis, 38, who was working at the home at the time, was also shot dead. A sixth person, who was not immediately identified, was hospitalized with a serious gunshot wound, authorities said.

How old is Dr. Robert Lesslie?

The age of Dr. Robert Lesslie is unknown.

Lesslie Fund

Dr. Robert Lesslie was well known in Rock Hill as a physician, author, loving father and grandfather, and active member of his church. According to his biography, Dr. Lesslie and his wife, Barbara, had four grown children and eight grandchildren.

He has written at least a dozen books, including “Angels in the ER”, a collection of stories from his 25 years as an emergency physician.

Dr Lesslie was also the Founder and Medical Director of Riverview Hospice and Palliative Care. He serves patients in York, Lancaster and Chester counties.

Dr. Lesslie’s biographical page states that he “graduated from the Medical University of South Carolina and continued his training in Greenville, SC and Charlotte, NC, where he was a resident. in chief at Charlotte Memorial Hospital ”.

The board has certified an emergency doctor who also specializes in occupational medicine and has written several books on his experiences with patients, including “Angels in the ER”, which has sold over 200,000 copies, according to his biography. . .

Carolina shooting pattern

A spokesperson for the York County Sheriff’s Office told the newspaper it is not known what connection, if any, Adams had with the Lesslie family.

“We’re all shocked that this could happen here in York County,” spokesman Trent Farris said. “It’s a mass shooting. Normally you think of a movie theater or a shopping mall, but we treat this as a mass shooting because there were five fatalities. “

Faris emphasized Lesslie’s importance to the Rock Hill community.

“He was my doctor, if that says enough,” Faris told the state.

Who was the fifth victim

James Lewis, 38, was pronounced dead at the scene by York County Coroner Sabrina Gast. Lewis, of Gastonia, North Carolina, was working on the house at the time of the shooting, according to a statement from Gast.

Lewis, a single father of three, worked as an HVAC technician for GSM services. His parents, Tom Lewis and Linda Tucker, moved to Gastonia from Michigan to be closer to Lewis, his only child, and his children: a 16-year-old boy and 12-year-old twins.

“He was my best friend,” Tom said.

“I still hope to wake up. “Oh, it was just a nightmare.” It’s not. It’s real, ”added Tom.

Lewis was also interested in woodworking, fishing, and shooting sports. He had just started rebuilding a trailer before his death, Tom said.

“He was a great man. He was doing so much. He helped clean up the river. He helped everyone he could,” Linda said. “The nicest boy and a great dad.”

Phillip Adams, the suspect

The suspect was identified as former NFL player Phillip Adams by Tolson, according to the county sheriff.

Adams, 32, was selected in 2010 by the San Francisco 49ers and went on to play for the New York Jets and Seattle Seahawks before ending his career in 2015 with the Atlanta Falcons. He played at South Carolina State, where he played the cornerback, but suffered several injuries during his career, including a serious ankle injury.

Adams’s parents live near the doctor’s home and he has been treated by the doctor in the past, a source told The Associated Press he spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak publicly.

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