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Chris Evans is one of the best actors of this generation. Besides his acting skills and career, fans are always curious about Chris Evans’ history and relationships. If you also want to put together all the information about Chris Evans, you’ve come to the right place.

But before I get into the thick of it, tell me about Chris Evan and a little more.

Who is Chris Evans?

Well, who in the world is not known to one of the most handsome men “Chris Evans”. Chris Evans who played Captain America from the Avengers began his career in 2000 on television. He now has so many blockbuster movies on his list like – Avengers Series, Fantastic Four, Gifted and many more. He is truly a gifted actor, as he has always proven his worth in every genre possible with his top notch acting skills. So let’s go to Chris Evans’ dating history.

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Chris Evans Meet Lily James!

Well, the question can be answered with “yes and no”. Lily James is the famous Cinderella fame we all know. Well yes, the duo would have been together in 2020 and also spend a lot of time together. But there hasn’t been any confirmation of either end or you can tell they just don’t want to go official.Who is Chris Evans dating?  Lily James?  Relationship history, timeline and more

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History and chronology of relations

The history of dating Chris Evan is long and very exciting because it contains some very big names. So let’s take a look

Jessica Biel: Chris Evans dating Jessica began in 2001, when the two had just started their careers in Hollywood. They both dated for quite a long period of almost 5 years. They were also serious in 2005 before their unhappy separation in 2006. We can say that they were great together but not as a couple maybe.

Minka Kelly: Well Chris and Minka gave each other two chances in 2007 and also in 2012. But they never could last long and both times ended in a short period only.

Chris Evans’ dating list added a new name in 2016, Jenny Slate. After her separation from her husband. They dated for almost a year until 2017, after which they officially broke up and went their separate ways.

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