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Humiliated by his activities, individuals try to understand Stevie Waithe’s age. Stay with us to find out more. US police have captured a cyber stalker and extortionate son named Steve Waithe from Chicago. Steve is a former school mentor and college competitor.

Nonetheless, he abused his ability to abuse female liners and tricked them into a nude send-off plan. Steve Waithe’s age is 28. Steve is originally from Chicago, United States. Likewise, he went to Penn State University as the school’s competitor.

In addition, he even competed in the 2014 Men’s Triple Jump Championship. Steve Waithe’s Wikipedia page is not accessible at this time. Either way, Steve Waithe has a Twitter Bio like @MrHopSkipJump. Then again, he was blamed for creating various misleading social records.

With his fake IDs, Steve convinced his victims to send him nude photos. Steve Waithe’s stature appears to be tall enough. He is a competitor with a ribbed body. From 2019 to 2018, Steve Waithe worked at Northeastern University in Boston as an Olympic-style athletic mentor.

Nonetheless, he dropped out of school because of allegations of obscene behavior. After taking off, Steve Waithe joined Concordia University in Chicago. Nonetheless, his crimes were still in transit. Indeed, one of the victims in the Northeast even accused Steve Waithe of cyberstalking.

Information on Steve Waithe’s love is missing at the moment. The previous school has a long history of boring ladies. Obviously, he had a habit of sneaking into his liner’s phones and browsing their photographs. Likewise, he even hacked one of the young girls’ snapchat to get her nudes.

On April 7, 2021, the police finally put on Steve Waithe’s necklace. He is currently undergoing court and other questioning. Again, he can be motivated to 20 years in prison and more than $ 250,000 in fines.

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