NCsoft’s K-Pop Platform Universe is Officially Welcoming Oh My Girl, Cravity and Wei

The fashion choices and their distinctive and unique style by Korean pop groups are creating a real rave around the world. There is also a huge fan following around the world for groups. Recently, the launch of a new platform has taken place for better interactions between K-Pop groups and their fans. The latest platform, Universe, is trendy and creating a sensation in the industry, with many K-pop groups opting for the platform. It’s only been two months since the launch of the platform. However, eleven artists have already participated in the platforms so far.

The Universe platform is also accumulating more and more groups as their popularity grows. It also has a website and an app in the Play Store. The platform’s App Store and Google Play have already surpassed pre-registered users by more than four million before launch day. K-Pop fans around the world, almost from 188 countries, completed their pre-recording on January 21, 2021.

Universe: New community service platform

The Universe is a communications entertainment platform that allows fans to connect with their favorite artists from the world of K-Pop. The latest platform has a website and mobile app available in Japanese, Korean, and English for iOS and Android. The universe was launched on January 28, 2021. NCSOFT, the famous international video game company from South Korea, is behind the development of the platform. In addition, the new communication platform includes various studio and private features.

Oh My Girl, Cravity and Wei join the Universe

Idol groups Oh My Girl, Cravity and Wei (Credit: Universe)

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Fans can directly receive videos, messages and photos that K-Pop artists upload to a community under the private feature. There’s even the inclusion of the K-pop artist’s recorded voices in AI mode in the private feature. There is a play space in the studio function where fans can dress and style their favorite versions of K-Pop. In addition, the application also has the function of producing virtual music videos of a user and other styles of characters. So far, fourteen K-pop groups have registered on the app.

Universe: Oh My Girl, Cravity and Wei joined the platform

The universe is joined by Oh My Girl, Cravity, and Wei this month. They are the last group to participate in the new platform. Oh My Girl, Cravity, and Wei became the twelfth, thirteenth, and fourteenth K-Pop idol group in the Universe, respectively. They joined the platform on April 02, 2021. NCSoft, the publisher of the Universe, gave the news last Friday. The developers also said that each of the groups will have their own planet. It’s a term used in Universe to describe the fandom section of an individual act in which fans and performers will come together at different times to communicate in April.

The revelation of the schedule for each group will also take place shortly. NCSoft said the three new artist teams will use diverse content to connect with fans around the world and bring them joy as well. The platform will organize various offline and online performances. In addition, the developers aim to increase and include different artists in the app.

Universe: Artists

Universe, when launched, included eleven participating groups and artists. The introduction for each group and artist took place individually, one per day, from November 12 to November 22, 2020. The names of the groups and artists are Iz * One, Park Jihoon, Monsta X, CIX, The Boyz, WJSN, Kang Daniel, Astro, (G) I-dle, AB6IX and Ateez. Their original radio universes include Kang Daniel’s Kang Daniel Film Festival (7.25 MHz), CIX – Seeds of Temptation (7.23 MHz), The Boyz – Star THE Bs DDD (12.06 MHz), AB6IX – Do you want to join? (5.22 MHz), Monsta X – Smart Ones (5.14 MHz), WJSN – War of the Universe (2.25 MHz), Park Jihoon – The Next Door (3.26 MHz), (G) I -dle – Not That Close (5.02 MHz), Astro – Hot Topics! (2.23 MHz), Ateez – The Clues (10.24 MHz) and Iz * One – Dream Journal (10.29 MHz).

Oh My Girl, Cravity, and Wei became the most recent to be included in the platform in April. Therefore, there is no performance from them yet. They will participate in the communication platform from this month. Universe Music is released monthly, and all artists participate by producing video clips or other content. Original content is one of the main aspects of the platform besides interaction with fans. Klap, the entertainment company’s subsidiary, is used to produce and launch original content.

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