Love After World Domination Gets An Anime

Love After World Domination, a manga series written by Hiroshi Noda and illustrated by Takahiro Wakamatsu. The series is amazing for a number of reasons, the first of which is the sheer mix of genres it is made up of. The story combines the genre of superheroes with romance and comedy. While the genre of superheroes mixed with comedy is not unusual with anime and manga like One Punch Man. Others still exist, like My Hero Academia which belongs to the superhero and shonen genre. These shows are undoubtedly excellent for the action and the heroic character they give us. However, Love After World Domination gives us a great couple of heroes to watch in action.

It was published by none other than Kodansha. Kodansha is a major contributor to the anime and manga industry. It also has an American office specializing in the creation of English versions of the manga published by the manga giant. The first published Love After World Domination in their famous shonen manga Monthly Shonen Magazine. It was first released in 2019, and since then there have been three volumes of Tankabon released, with the latest launching on April 8.e today.

So, let’s talk about this series. What’s the plot? How are the characters? And when will we have the official release of the anime?

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What is the plot of love after world domination?

The plot of Love After World Domination revolves around two characters with completely different objectives. Fudou Aikawa and Desumi Magahara are enemies. Or at least that’s what the world knows about them. Fudou is the leader of a Power Ranger-type heroes squadron known as Gelato 5. Their mission is what you expect from any heroic organization: to bring peace to the world. They face plenty of enemies on their way to bring about this change, but with their leader, the Red Gelato Fudou, things seem to be working out well. They are strong enough to bring down anyone if they want to. However, they have sworn enemies with the mysterious Gecko organization.

Gecko is an evil organization bent on total world domination. They will stop at nothing to make the world their own and keep it to themselves. With their resources and power, they do whatever they can to achieve their goal. Desumi is the head of this organization. You can already see how the dynamic between the two would work or not. Their goals are completely opposite, just like their interests with the world. People know they are enemies.

But in reality, Desumi and Fudou are deeply in love. They worship each other behind the scenes. Whether it’s secret dates or baking delicious candy for each other, they do everything you would expect from a lovely couple. However, they must keep their love interest a secret as they pretend to be fighting in front of the media and the world. While one is the hero in the public eye, another is an evil villain. It seems likely that one day they will have to face each other after all that is happening. Will they be able to maintain their romance? Or will their lives fall apart because of their opposing goals? You will have to watch the anime or read the manga to find out.

Love After World Domination Anime release date

In the May issue of the Love After World Domination manga, Kodansha confirmed that they are very excited to release an anime based on the manga. This is one case where a less popular manga gets a quick anime adaptation, much to the surprise of many fans. At the moment, we’re only sure the manga will receive an adaptation. The dates, producers, hosts and directors of the series have yet to be announced. It could be in the talks after the announcements, so we can expect them to let the world know by the end of 2021.

So far, the creators of the manga have registered a website for the anime itself. A teaser visual made by the manga’s creator has also been dropped to make the hype for the upcoming animated series. It’s very likely that we’ll get the anime by the end of 2022. Until then, fans will have to wait patiently for the official announcement.

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