John Clabburn Cause Of Death, Wikipedia And Net Worth

John Clabburn Cause of Death and Wikipedia: all about the Australian director

Australian director John Clabburn tragically passed away at the age of 52. The cause of his death was revealed as cardiac arrest, following blood loss from the tear.

John Clabburn was an Australian television director best known for the film, At home and away.

He has also contributed to blockbuster shows and films like The wonderland, At home and away, Survivor, Belly, etc.

John, nicknamed JC by his peers, left everyone shocked by his untimely passing. Following this, condolences go to his beloved wife and members of his family.

Fast facts:

Last name John clabburn
Age 52
Gender Man
Nationality Australian
Profession Director
Married Single Married
Wife Melissa Clabburn
Children Josh, Lewis Clabburn

What is the cause of death of John Clabburn?

John Clabburn’s cause of dead is dismissed as an accidental cut of his own arm with a jigsaw while cutting his home garden.

For this reason, he fell directly three meters from a tree.

With the loss of a large amount of blood from the severe cut, he eventually died of cardiac arrest in hospital.

John Clabburn Wikipedia and his wife

John Clabburn’s Wikipedia page did not see the light of day despite being an appointed assistant director and being successful on the entertainment platform.

With Clabburn’s death, several reputable websites featured his bio and the incident of his death on their pages.

John’s wife of 27 years, Melissa Clabburn, was the first to notice this horrific incident. She was upset and devastated when she saw a chaotic scene of her husband lying in a pool of blood.

His wife Melissa, 56, is a professional photographer.

The Clabburn couple share 2 adult sons named Josh (23) and Lewis (21).

What is John Clabburn’s net worth?

John Clabburn’s precise net worth has not been publicly disclosed.

But, we’re sure that with over 30 years of directing and showbiz involvement, John Clabburn must have amassed a significant fortune.

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