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English killer and attacker John Cannan was a former vehicle sales rep. He is harnessed and has children. Learn about her significant other. John Cannan is a British killer and striker. John Cannan was exceptionally good looking and said he had over 100 casual sex encounters.

The killer was also harnessed. He also abandoned a girl. John has many cases and is charged with many murders, burglaries, assault and many more. The name of the better half of John Cannan is June Vale. The couple have been dating for a very long time.

The couple got hitched up in 1978 when June got pregnant. The British killer has only been harnessed for 2 years. He left his family in 1980. John and June had a daughter named Louise. He left his wife and daughter for Daphne Sargent, whom he is supposed to attack.

Last name John cannan
Birthday February 20, 1954
Age 66 years old
Gender Man
Nationality British
Siblings 2
Married Single Married
Wife June vale
Children Louise
Divorced Yes

John Cannan’s age is 66. He was born on February 20, 1954 in Warwickshire, England. His parents sent him to a private school for young men. He came from a working-class family; his father was a designer.

Cannan had 5 ancillary training authentications during his tutoring period and 3 general approvals at conventional level of education. John claims he was bored at school. Because of this, he had a stammer of being scared at school.

At 17, he left school and was in the merchant navy for a very long time. John Cannan is greeted at Full Sutton Prison. He has numerous assaults, burglary cases and he was just charged with manslaughter in 1987.

He was sentenced to at least 35 years. He is not qualified to be released until 2023. John was convicted of slaughtering 29-year-old women on October 8, 1987. Cannan can be delivered if the Parole Board decides he is not a threat to him. society in general.

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