Irene Sukandar Twitch Tv: Where is she from?

Irene Sukandar Twitch Tv: Where is she from?


Irene Sukandar won on Tic already. Here’s all about the chess icon.

Irene Sukandar is widely known to be a chess player. In fact, she is the first woman in her country to win the titles of Grand master of women and International Master.

Explore Irene Sukandar Twitch

Well known as a streamer, Irene Sukandar has gained over 7.2 thousand followers on her Tic Account.

The only game she plays is obvious – Chess.

Outside of Twitch, she is also considered a YouTuber. Well, Irene has over 33.1 thousand followers on her official Youtube channel. All of her Youtube the videos are related to chess.

Irene Sukandar Biodata revealed

It’s not hard to find Irene Sukandar biodata because we can find his information on Wikipedia.

According to the site, she had graduated from Gunadarma University.

With more than 83.6 thousand subscribers, Irene is active on Instagram under the username of @irene_sukandar. We can also find her on Facebook (4.3 thousand subscribers) and Twitter (20.7 thousand subscribers).

Irene Age: How old is she?

Irene Sukandar’s current age is 28 years old, because she was born on April 7, 1992.

She will soon be celebrating her 29th birthday.

Currently she has a FIDE score of 2413. Three years ago, in 2018, she was declared the best player of the Doeberl Cup. That same year she won the Hjorth open title with 7.5 points out of 9.

Sukandar nationality: where does it come from?

Irene Sukandar’s nationality is Indonesianbecause she was born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia.

As a professional chess player, she has already won the Indonesian Women’s Chess Championship four times.

Recently she argued Gothamchess, a.k.a Levy Rozman, who lost a match against Dadang Subur. Allegedly, Dadang had won by cheating, and later his account was banned.

Irene’s net worth explored

Irene Sukandar’s exact net worth is unknown. However, some local sites have revealed that she has a net worth ranging from $ 1 million to $ 5 million.

Although she has several male friends, Irene does not have a boyfriend. Also, we don’t know much about his family.

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