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Nile Niami Wife and Net Worth: Everything You Need to Know About Homeowner `` The One ''

American businessman-investor Nile Niami separated from his wife more than 3 years ago. Continue below for the full story.

Nile Niami is the owner of The One Bel Air. He claims it as the most expensive estate in the world. He is involved in movies and dramas like Galaxis, The Watcher, The Patriot according to IMDb.

Moreover, Niami was a film producer, later he ventured out as a luxury developer.

Known for the daring personality of his equally ambitious real estate projects, Nile Niami also declares himself as an entrepreneur.

Fast facts:

Last name Nil Niami
Age 53
Gender Man
Nationality American
Profession Real estate developer
Net value $ 50 million
Married Single Alone
Children Bryce Niami, Brent Niami
Divorced Yvonne niami
Instagram @nileniami

Nile Niami wife girlfriend and ex wife

Nile Niami was married to his now ex-wife Yvonne Niami before divorcing in 2017.

According to online sources, Nile’s ex-wife Yvonee Niami is engaged in philanthropic activities.

After breaking up with Yvonne, there isn’t even a single rumor that Nile Niami has a girlfriend or is in a new relationship on the net.

Nile Niami family

Nile Niami is very close to her two sons, aged 18 and 15. His eldest son is called Bryce Niami; while his youngest son is called Brent Niami.

When it comes to other members of his family, Nile hasn’t talked much about others except for his two teenage boys on his social media platforms.

We see that when he was in his thirties, an invader murdered his mother in 2001.

Born in Los Angeles, California to a poor family, now 53-year-old Nile Niami is developing extremely lavish buildings and mansions that are worth hundreds and thousands if not more.

According to his latest Instagram post, which was posted a week ago, it announced that big news is coming and it has to be the best it can be. It looks like the real estate developer is planning something big to happen, which has yet to be disclosed.

What is Nile Niami’s net worth?

Celebrity Networth site records Nile Niami’s net worth at $ 50 million.

Additionally, he owns a $ 500 million mega-mansion in Bel Air, which spans 25,000 square feet.

As a person active in the real estate industry, the businessman is expected to have a net worth in the millions.

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