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Justine Timberlake is a popular American pop and R&B singer, producer and actress. He started his career in childhood. Now this talented man has achieved great success in show business but he is so young. How old is Justine Timberlake? Today, this actor is only 37 years old, but can already boast a large number of awards.

Justin timberlake Justin timberlake

At the age of twelve, the boy was invited to the Mickey Mouse Club TV show. During this show, Justin met JC Chasez, Britney spears and Christina aguilera. But he became really famous after his participation in the N’Sync group. He was the youngest of this group and in parallel with building his career he managed to continue his education.

In 2000, this group became very popular and Justin Timberlake became a favorite singer. In a few years, Justine decided to leave the group and start her solo career. He worked on his first album which then made Justine more popular and even won her awards. Justine Timberlake’s tours were eagerly awaited by her fans. It is the singer who has a very good voice, in particular the lyrics of Justine Timberlake are considered very romantic.

After reaching the pinnacle of success as a singer, Justine decided to try herself as an actor. In addition to other celebrities, he started out with supporting roles. In this article, we’ve picked out the best Justine Timberlake movies that are definitely worth checking out. Justine Timberlake is 185 cm tall, and the actor can also boast of a well-muscled body, which gave him the opportunity to play the roles of strong and sometimes brutal men.

1.alpha dog

One of the best roles of this singer is considered the role of Frankie “Nuts” Ballenbacher in the crime drama film “Alpha Dog”. This movie was released in 2006. By the way, it is based on a true story and the main plot of this movie is about the kidnapping and murder.

Although the global box office for this film is over $ 32 million, it has received conflicting comments. Timberlake’s performance deserved special attention.

Justin timberlake Justin timberlake

2.The social network

“The Social Network” is another example of Justine’s work. This film is about the creation of the social network Facebook. Although the real founders of Facebook expressed their dissatisfaction with this film, it became very successful. A worldwide box office was over $ 220 million. Social Network was considered the Movie of the Year and received 97% positive reviews. Justine Timberlake’s work in this film was one of the most successful.
Justin timberlake time

Another movie starring Justine Timberlake is “In Time”. This is a sci-fi thriller film, released in 2011. This film can boast of a very interesting plot and describes the future when the main motto for the continuation of life has become time. Sadly, it didn’t get great reviews from critics, but Justin’s work was brilliant.

Justin timberlake

4.friends with benefits

“Friends with Benefits” is a romantic comedy released in 2011. Justine plays the role of Dylan, the main character. The main plot revolves around the man and woman, who play Mila Kunis who feel passionate and thinks that if they add sex to their relationship, it doesn’t pose a problem. This film is considered another success for Timberlake.
Justin timberlake
Justin timberlake

5. bad teacher

Another good job is the movie ‘Bad Teacher’. This American comedy was released in 2011 and Timberlake was offered the role of a teacher. He worked with Cameron Diaz in this movie.

Justin timberlake

Justin Timberlake interview with Ellen

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