Has Mobile Use in Gaming Taken Over in Africa, as it has with news?

Technology has become a key part of the lives of many people in Africa. It is believed, for example, that the continent has an Internet penetration rate of 39.3% and that millions of Africans regularly access the Internet. Of course, the other major technological advance in Africa is the use of mobile phones.

This appetite for mobile use is observed in many African countries and it is certainly true for South Africa. South Africans love to use their smartphones to keep up with the latest gossip on social media or to stream a TV show (like the latest series from The Red Room).

Another very popular use of mobiles across Africa is to keep up to date with the latest news. Many people in South Africa and other African states will now pick up their cell phones and check the latest news through a website.

Over time, people have used their cell phones to check the news much more frequently than the more traditional means of doing it. But will the same happen to games on the mainland?

In-game mobile use set to dominate in Africa

Many people expect in-game mobile use to take over in Africa, as it does with the way we watch the news. It is estimated today that there are nearly 750 million cell phone users in the sub-Saharan region alone, which is a staggering number.

As the number of mobile phone users increases, it seems reasonable to assume that they will start using their cell phones for a variety of tasks and hobbies, including gaming.

Of course, mobile gaming is quite important in Africa, which seems to suggest that this way of playing has already become dominant. In South Africa, for example, mobile gaming is expected to generate $ 111 million in revenue by the end of 2021.

With a similar picture in other African countries, such as Egypt and Morocco, it is clear how popular mobile gaming is for many Africans now.

But why has it become the preferred medium of play for many?

Many dedicated mobile gaming sites to use

When online gaming first took off, mobile gaming wasn’t much of a thing and little attention was paid to the experience of mobile users. This has changed dramatically over the past few years and most online casinos are now developing mobile versions of their platform for gaming.

There are some great mobile casino platforms in South Africa right now, and so are players from many other African countries. The development of these dedicated sites has attracted more people to mobile gaming and has seen the entire industry grow.

Convenience and Access

One of the main reasons for the rise of mobile gaming in Africa has been the convenience it offers to gamers. You can play games on your mobile anytime and anywhere, after all. This is very appealing to most people and means you don’t have to wait until you are on a desktop to play.

Mobile gaming has also become popular as it is more accessible to many Africans. While not everyone has access to a desktop computer for gaming, it’s much easier to find and afford a mobile phone.

The choice of young Africans

Mobile gaming has taken over in Africa in recent times and this is largely due to the changing demographics of countries. Simply put, Africa is a continent mostly populated by young people, with around 60% of the population under the age of 25.

South Africa has nearly 60 million people, for example, and many of them fall into this age group. As mobile gaming is something that seems to appeal to young people in particular, this has been a huge factor in the growing dominance of mobile gaming in African gaming.

Mobile gaming is about to gain the upper hand in Africa

In truth, statistics on how many people engage in mobile gaming in Africa and the money it generates in places like South Africa show that it is now the preferred choice of many.

This will only become more prevalent as the number of young Africans increases and their access to more affordable devices and better mobile networks increases.

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