Godzilla Singular Point Episode 4: Release Date, Spoilers & Preview

On their show, Godzilla just appeared in front of Yun and Goro. Goro was about to give a Jet Jaguar presentation. During the rampage of Godzilla, Yun manages to save a small child. Meanwhile, Meis met her childhood friend Haberu. They head to her workplace and she finds that she was communicating with them earlier. Godzilla Singular Point is also known as Godzilla SP The Godzilla lands in front of Yun and the Crying Boy.

Yun closes the boy’s mouth using his hands. He tried to hold his breath until the Godzilla came out of sight. The Godzilla opens its mouth and Goro shouts at the Godzilla. He’s finished preparing Jet Jaguar, and he’s ready to attack. The Godzilla watches the Jet Jaguar as Goro speaks. Goro praised his Jet Jaguar and told Yun to get out of the way with the boy.

Previously on Godzilla Singular Point Episode 2 and 3

Yun managed to send the boy to his parents as Jet Jaguar approached the Godzilla. Goro comments that this is the end of Godzilla’s rampage and destruction. He reveals how powerful his Jet Jaguar is when he takes on Godzilla. The Godzillas uses its teeth to pierce the body of the Jaguar Jet, but the teeth scratch with the steel. Goro realizes that the Godzilla managed to cut off his left arm. He comments that he can still take down the Godzilla with a broken limb or leg as long as Jet Jaguar can still move.

Singular point of Godzilla

Singular point of Godzilla

Precious beast

He faced a Godzilla in front of the citizens. But some of them find it funny since Goro makes pranks and jokes as he fights with Godzilla. Surprisingly, it was sent flying and crashed with the building nearby. The Godzilla manages to open the trunk of Jet Jaguar. Goro realizes he’s dead meat and uses his right hands to shut the Godzilla’s mouth. He has started to intimidate the Godzilla and calls her a precious beast. But because of his show-off, he lost his balance and started to stumble.

Citizen is like, what is that old fellow trying to do at this age. After losing his balance, Goro fell from Jet Jaguar and left him alone. He started running for his life, trying to lure the Godzilla out of town. Goro comments that this must be a dream announcement, he is lying on the bed awake. He stumbles and falls, but is surprised to see that the Godzilla is removed. When he looks behind, he discovers that Jet Guarguar is fighting with the Godzilla.

He wonders if it’s a miracle, but he realizes that Yun is controlling the Jaguar Jet using his tablet. Yun has just hacked into Jet Jaguar’s brain, and he can control it well. He shows a boxing move just like Mohammed Ali in his prime time. Goro realizes it’s the power of youth, and it’s entertaining. He throws a jab, a jab, an uppercut and a right hook. Goro becomes jealous and comments that Yun cannot control Jet Jaguar; he wants to take advantage of the power of youth.


Singular point of Godzilla

Singular point of Godzilla

Yun manages to land 123, and a powerful blow that confuses the Godzilla. He continues to punish the Godzilla, but Goro continues to yell at him. Goro took Yun’s tablet and commented, what is this. He doesn’t know how to control it, and Yun takes him back. Yun comments that he will schedule it. When he programs it, Godzilla took the opportunity to make Jet Jaguar pay for the bullying. Goro fears his precious Jet Jaguar will be destroyed.

Yun reveals that there are only 70 seconds left and he hands the tablet to Goro. He heads somewhere and tries to get Godzilla’s attention. The Godzilla decided to attack Yun, but he was hit by a truck. Jet Jaguar joins the battle again as 70 seconds have passed. Godzilla notices that Jet Juargfuar is taken aback on another level, and Yun tells Jet to kick Godzilla’s ass. Gorro comments that he has a flat end, but they did it on time. The Godzilla retreat, and he will return for a rematch.

Godzilla Singular Point Episode 4 Release Date

The new Godzilla Singular Point Episode 4 will be released on Thursday, April 15, 2021 at 10:30 p.m. JST. Godzilla Singular Point is officially available for viewing and streaming online at Netflix.

Read how Mei and the others met here on Godzilla Singular Point Episode 2 & 3 Preview & Streaming. You will also learn how Jet Jaguar was created.

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