Full Dive: This Ultimate Next Gen Episode 2: Release Date & Spoilers

In the 21st century, companies involved in creating VRMMO have created one virtual world after another. Everything was destroyed, and a long-established company created groundbreaking software incorporating lightning-fast general-purpose AI called R-Evo. R-Evo didn’t make any NPCs different from real humans. Humanity concludes that advanced VRMMO games are not fun. Full Dive: This Ultimate NextGen is also known as Kyuukyoku Shinka Shita Full Dive RPG ga Genjitsu Yori mo Kusoge Dattara.

VRMMO is losing popularity, but after 10 years things have changed. Hiroshi had conservation with an unknown man inside the faculty hall. The man told Hiro he had to decide whether he wanted to continue his education or work. Hiro comments that he never thought about it. The man said he wanted to talk to Hiro about something. He reminded Hiro of his freshman year and told him the address of his problems, otherwise he’ll never move forward. The man asks Hiro if this is the reason why Hiro cannot decide on his postgraduate plans.

Previously on Full Dive: This Ultimate Next Gen Episode 1

Hiro realizes that Mr. Yasuoka is diving really deep and tells him that everything is fine. He’ll take care of the rest. Yasuoka refuses to listen to Hiro and says he wouldn’t accept what just happened. Yosuoka decided he would help Hiro, and after they were done talking, Hiro left. When he’s outside, he met Takafumi, who stops training after seeing Hiro.

Takafumi asks Hiro if meeting Yousuoka has helped him. Hiro replies that it was completely unnecessary. He also said he was going home to play a game. Takafumi told Hiro that playing a game is fun, but that he needs to learn to be physically active. He suggests going to the gym with Hiro. Hiro replies that his body no longer needs training. Takafumi realizes that Hiro will save him from playing video games, and Hiro mentions the completion.

Hiro comes home thinking the real world is boring. On his way, he met two chubby punks who scream his name. Hiro realizes it’s Tanishiro and Mishina. Mishina miles and says it’s a coincidence to meet Hiro like this. Hiro realizes he has to cooperate or else he will be broken. Hiro gave them something, and Misna comments that he can count on Hiro. Tanishiro told Hiro that he would pay him back someday. But it will happen in Hiro’s dreams.

Complete dive in this ultimate new generation

Complete dive in this ultimate new generation

RGP full dive

Tanishiro asks Hiro to tell him if there is something he doesn’t like about school. He also said he would break down anyone who bothers Hiro. Hiro realizes that the only ones he doesn’t like are the two chubby punks in front of him. He manages to work his daily business with two punks. They left with a smile because they know that Hiro always delivers. They told Hiro they would see him around. Hiro realizes that no matter what he can do, he can’t escape these two.

Yousouko noticed that Hiro is being bullied. That’s why he had a meeting with him earlier, and Hiro thinks there is nothing better than playing video games. Hiro walks over to the game store, realizing that every day when he meets the bullies, it’s a bad day for him. But he is used to them since he knows how to manage them. He bought the most exciting game he expected, FQ 22.

The seller told him that the game costs 13,000 yen. Hiro took out his wallet and noticed he had 3,000 yen left. He realizes he accidentally gave the thugs 10,000 yen. The salesperson has taken over FQ 22 and Hiro heads for another store. He met Reona, who gave him Full-Dive RGP and claimed it was better than FQ 22. She uses her beauty to charm Hiro, and he decided to play Full-Dive RGP. Hiro comments that he managed to get a hottie’s number.

Full Dive: This Ultimate Next Gen Episode 2 Release Date

Full Dive: This Ultimate Next Gen Episode 2 will be released on Wednesday, April 14, 2021 at 10:30 p.m. JST. You can watch Full Dive: This Ultimate Next Gen Episodes officially online at AnimeLab and Funimation.

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