Did Travel Couple Jack Morris And Lauren Bullen Break Up?

Morris and Bullen went their separate ways? Jack and Lauren have they broken up? Does their five-year relationship end? Or is it a publicity stunt? Are these just rumors? These are the hottest questions right now that millions of fans are looking for. Recently a lot of people are confused as they recently learned that the very famous traveler couple Jack Morris and Lauren Bullen have split up and separated from each other. While this is truly amazing news, it ruins everything as it appears in the streams.

Some think this is absolutely true, while others think it is just false rumors. This has created a lot of confusion among their fans as this traveling couple has gained millions of fans in recent years. They are admired by millions of people around the world and are an inspiration to many couples around the world. Today we have all the details on this, and we are going to clarify to all of you whether the news of the breakup of this traveling couple is a rumor or a reality; and we have confirmed all of this from our sources.

Have travel couple Jack Morris and Lauren Bullen gone their separate ways?

Jack Morris

Who is Jack Morris?

Jack Morris is a 30-year-old travel influencer who quit his 9-5 job at the age of 22 and began his journey as a traveler, which he always wanted to experience. Travel was his greatest passion, and he worked very sincerely on it and gave it his all; and he started uploading his trip to his Instagram account in 2014, and from that point on, there’s no looking back for him. During his trip he met Lauren Bullen, and she became the love of his life. Together they started off as a traveling couple with major dating goals.

He currently has 2.3 million Instagram followers, and he is currently the most sponsored travel blogger to date, making a very good six-figure income from all of his work.

Have traveler couple Jack Morris and Lauren Bullen gone their separate ways?

Lauren Bullen with her boyfriend

Who is Lauren Bullen?

Lauren Bullen is a 28-year-old Australian travel and fashion blogger. She started her career as a dental assistant before becoming a very famous social media influencer. She met her boyfriend Jack Morris while he was working for Fiji Tourism, and they both fell in love with each other, then their travel journey and their big dreams started together. She also started posting her travel reports on her social media, and within a few years she and her boyfriend became the most famous travel couple in the world.

She now has 2 million subscribers on her Instagram account and plans to create an active YouTube channel very soon.

Have traveler couple Jack Morris and Lauren Bullen gone their separate ways?

Travel couple: Jack Morris and Lauren Bullen

Have traveler couple Jack Morris and Lauren Bullen gone their separate ways?

We’re not really happy to share this with all of you. Yet, indeed, the world-famous travel couple who once gave major couple goals to everyone have split up after a lovely five-year trip with each other. The couple were one of the most admired couples of recent years, and seeing them like that is not a good feeling for their fans. Almost a year ago, they built their dream villa in Bali worth $ 1.2 million, which was only possible thanks to their hard work and teamwork.

They both recently announced their separation in a very touching post on their social media handles. Even after the breakup, they only have good things to say to each other and how they grew up to be good enough being together. Jack mentioned that he had learned only good things from being with Lauren and that she had made it the best version of himself he had ever imagined. Same with Lauren, she mentioned such a touching message in the post that can make anyone cry easily.

It’s really heartbreaking to see such a beautiful couple go their separate ways, and we know their fans are really upset and sad about their decision. Yet, as you know, everything is happening for good reason, and if they see their growth after going their separate ways, they need to get their fans’ support in this condition only. So now we’ve made it clear to all the fans that it’s absolutely true that they both broke up, which they themselves have confirmed via their Instagram handles. For more updates, stay connected to Otakukart.

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