Cindy Merrill Alabama John Merrill Wife Age, Family And Married Life

Cindy Benford Merrill Bio: Who is Alabama Secretary John Merrill married to?

After the confrontation with John Merrill cheating on his current wife, Cindy Benford Merrill, people are quite curious about his private life. How old is he? Let’s find out.

Cindy Benford Merrill is the wife of John Merill. The couple have been together for 35 years. However, the news of John having an extramarital affair with Cesaire McPherson shocked her.

Cindy was a principal at Westwood Elementary School and was dedicated to bringing out the best in students.

So, if you are curious about the famous spouse, read it. Here is what we know.

Fast facts:

Last name Cindy benford merrill
Age 50-55
Gender Female
Nationality American
Profession Head of school
Married Single Married
Husband John merrill
Children 2

John Merill marries Cindy Benford Merrill: Age

the age of Cindy Benford Merill appears to be between 50 and 55 years old.

However, Cindy’s exact age and date of birth is not known at this time.

Therefore, his zodiac sign cannot be assumed either.

Cindy Benford Merrill Family

Cindy Benford lives in a small family with her husband John Merrill in Alabama, United States. The couple have two children.

Information regarding Benford’s parents and extended family is not known. She went out in public with her personal life.

Cindy appears to be low-key and enjoys living behind the public eye.

The married life of Cindy Benford Merrill

Cindy Benford and John Merrill were married on May 11, 1985. Their married life seemed sweet to the outside world. Many have taken them as an inspiring couple to be together for over three decades now.

However, in recent days, nothing like flowers and the sun for the couple. John admitted to having an extramarital affair with Cesaire McPherson. He said they had had sexual experiences for over three years. The period was from November 2017 to November 2020.

Cindy hasn’t publicly reacted to this, but we’re assuming the couple are going through a rough patch in their 35-year married life.

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