Bokang Masunyane Height Age, Wikipedia Girlfriend & Net Worth 2019

Height of Bokang Masunyane: How tall is the “little giant”?

5ft 2in tall Bokang Masunyane also referred to as the ‘Little Giant’ is all the rage on the internet and in the media these days.

Bokang Masunyane is a South African MMA fighter. He is also known as the “little giant” because of his size. He is best known for his professional, unorthodox wrestling and powerful right hand.

According to Fight the militia, Bokang started wrestling at the age of 7, then moved on to MMA.

Fast facts:

Last name Bokang Masunyane
Birthday June 18, 1994
Age 26
Gender Man
Height 5 feet 2 inches
Lester 125 pounds
Nationality South African
Profession MMA fighter
Married Single Alone
Instagram @littlegiant_bk

Height of Bokang Masunyane

According to OneChampionship, Bokang Masunyane is 155 cm or 5 feet 2 inches.

Bokang is considerably shorter than most MMA fighters. This is why his nickname is “little giant”.

He said his size did not allow him to engage in other sports. However, since wrestling is a weight-driven sport, he had the chance to show his abilities.

Bokang Masunyane Age and Net Worth

Bokang Masunyane’s age is 26 in 2021.

He was born on June 18, 1994 in Benini, South Africa. He grew up, started wrestling, and then became an MMA fighter in his hometown.

As for his net worth, it hasn’t even been revealed yet. He hasn’t mentioned his net worth on any platform.

However, he is a professional athlete with very good stats to have impressive net worth.

Wikipedia by Bokang Masunyane

Bokang Masunyane is not yet on Wikipedia although he is a professional MMA fighter.

However, other sources provide enough information about him and his fighting career. Bokang has been struggling since he was 7 years old. He has won numerous championships, including one at national level and 2 championships at African level.

He is currently on a 14-game winning streak, which means he hasn’t lost a game in his last 14 games.

He was trained and currently plays for Coach Quan University.

Girlfriend of Bokang Masunyane

Bokang Masunyane does not appear to have a girlfriend.

People wonder if he doesn’t have a girlfriend or if he doesn’t make his love life public.

Bokang is on various social networks like Instagram and Twitter, but he hasn’t posted anything about his personal life on these platforms.

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