Black Clover Chapter 289 Spoilers, Leaks, Summary, Raws Scans and Break Next Week

Black Clover Chapter 289 spoilers and leaks have finally come out and reveal plenty of details about the manga’s storyline. Asta is a bit unbeatable at this point as he takes out the strongest of the demons without breaking a sweat, as magical attacks are useless on him.

Yuki Tabata has proven with the Black Clover 289 that he gets better and better with artwork and detailing each chapter. Nacht is also involved in the Asta vs Twin Devils battle and two of the surprise characters will be returning soon as well.

Warning: Black Clover Chapter 289 Spoilers Ahead !!!

Black Clover 289 Spoilers, Leaks and Recap

Black Clover Chapter 289 Basic Summary

Black Clover 289 Chapter 289 Title: Freezing Sun

  • 15 pages

  • The chapter begins with Asta cutting one of the twins in half.

  • Naamah and Lilith combine (or if Lilith just absorbed the other).

  • Asta vs Merged Devils.

  • The fused demons used a spell called Frosty Sun.

  • Nacht goes mad with all the magical power around them, but Asta can’t figure it out because he can’t feel it.

  • Asta can survive the spell (protected by anti-magic?) But everyone will die.

  • Asta is launching a much larger version of Black Divider.

  • Asta pushes back the freezing sun with her black divider.

  • Magna and Zora are back !!!

Source: Black Clover Chapter 289 Spoilers and Leaks on Reddit

Black Clover Chapter 289 Raw Scans & Official Release Date

Black Clover chapter 289 raws have started to come out, but it’s all pretty confusing so people should avoid this. It would be better to wait a few more days and read the original version of the manga series. The official Black Clover Chapter 289 release date is Sunday, April 11, and the manga issue will be uploaded at 12:00 PM EST on the following platforms.

  • MangaMore
  • Viz Media / Shonen Jump

Black Clover Chapter 290 release date and hiatus next week

The Black Clover Chapter 290 release date could be postponed until next Sunday, April 25, according to some reports. While it’s not clearly mentioned that there will be a hiatus next week, the manga chapter is only 15 pages long.

Yuki Tabata typically writes 17 pages per week and there is always a break whenever there are only 15 pages. We’ll assume that Black Clover Chapter 290 has been delayed and there is a hiatus next week until things are cleared up.

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