10 Best Mattress Brands in Nigeria

Your mattress is very important because it determines the quality of your sleep. A good mattress should have just the right firmness for your body so that it doesn’t give your body aches or pains. There are hard, moderate and soft mattresses, designed according to the needs of your body. A good mattress can be a huge investment, but can be the difference between a good night’s sleep and a mattress full of turns and turns. Are you planning to invest in a good mattress, there are mattress brands that have proven to be the best in Nigeria.

Check out these mattress brands below:

Mouka foam mattress

The Mouka foam mattress is a household name in Nigeria. This mattress is a product of Mouka Limited. Mouka Limited was established in 1959 and has since specialized in the manufacture of furniture and beds. This brand has received both local and international recognition for being an authority in the production of mattresses. The brand offers different types of mattresses under the names of luxury mattresses, wellness mattresses, Economy mattresses and Mainstream mattresses, depending on your budget. These mattresses also offer different levels of comfort ranging from firm to medium to soft. All Mouka Limited mattresses are made with quality materials that have been carefully selected and selected. With the Mouka brand, you are guaranteed an incredible sleep experience. The Mainstream mattress has a very elastic spring and is durable. There is also Mouka “Dreamtime for kids” foam suitable for children and adolescents. The brand boasts of providing superior comfort and a long-lasting mattress using materials of undisputed quality.

Vitafoam mattress

Vitafoam is another big name in the mattress industry in Nigeria. Vitafoam is manufactured by Vitafoam Nigeria Plc. The company was incorporated in 1962 and is the result of a partnership between British Vita and Unilever. Vitafoam Nigeria Plc is one of the leading manufacturers of soft yet firm foam products. The company has the largest foam manufacturing and distribution network in West Africa.

The Vitafoam brand has won several quality awards, including the Gold Certificate Award for its commitment to quality in all of its manufacturing processes. Vitafoam was the first foam manufacturing company in Nigeria to submit its quality system to the Quality Management System of the Standards Organization of Nigeria (SON). Over the years, the company has demonstrated its innovation through value-added products and services. Vitafoam Nigeria Limited has made a name for itself by offering a full line of premium quality bedding products. Vitafoam mattresses are known for their durability and varying hardness, so you have several choices. The company also designs and manufactures custom mattresses and pillows. You will find mattresses for leisure or those for nursing mothers, etc. Many Nigerians consider the Vitafoam mattress to be the best mattress in Nigeria.

Polly foam mattress

Group Enterprises Nigeria Limited is a 100% Nigerian company. Polly Foam is the brand of mattresses used by Group Enterprises. Its head office and factory are located in Onitsha, Nigeria. The company was incorporated on April 19, 1978. However, it was not until 1980 that the company was officially opened to manufacture soft foam products. You will find different foam products, of different textures and qualities for your different body needs and your budget. All Polly foam mattresses are made of superior quality and provide satisfaction to its users. The company uses state-of-the-art foaming machines to produce mattresses of different densities. This brand particularly meets the needs of the elderly through their orthopedic mattresses. You can find Polly Foam distribution points in major Nigerian cities such as Enugu, Imo, Benue, Abia, FCT and Port Harcourt.

Unifoam mattress

Unifoam was registered as a brand in 1981, but it started its commercial productions in 1982. The Unifoam brand started in Ilorin, Kwara State, as a single factory. Over the years, this single factory has grown with more establishments in other states across the country. Unifoam offers a wide variety of foam products such as spring mattresses, cushions, sofa beds, among others. The Unifoam mattress has become the first choice for many and is also ranked as one of the best mattresses available in Nigeria. Unifoam mattresses are manufactured using state-of-the-art machinery. This brand promises ultimate comfort by providing support to the contours of your body. Besides comfort, Unifoam also talks about luxury. The company has a sense of beauty, another quality that sets the Unifoam mattress apart from others. Unifoam mattresses have great designs with attractive colors. The production of Unifoam mattresses meets strict environmental standards to ensure environmental safety. The latex and foams used are free from harmful chemicals and the production process follows strict quality guidelines.

Winco foam mattress

Winco Foam Mattress is a premium brand made with the finest products and environmentally friendly materials. It is a luxurious double layer mattress which provides ultimate comfort. The Winco Foam Mattress is produced by Winco Foam Industries Limited. The company was incorporated on March 18, 1983. It has grown to become one of the largest foam producers in the country. The Winco foam mattress is made from the finest eco-friendly organic cotton. Winco Foam offers a wide variety of mattresses for different needs. For example, there is Winco foam specifically designed for hospital use, as well as those designed for students. There is Winco Foam orthopedic foam which is suitable for the elderly or people with frequent body pain. There is also the luxurious Winco mattress made from the finest cotton to provide a true taste of luxury. With the Winco mattress, you are guaranteed maximum spine support and exceptional comfort.

These are the best mattress brands in Nigeria offering varieties of mattresses, for children, older or students depending on needs and budgets. These brands will offer you maximum comfort, beautiful designs and luxury.

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